Building Catapults

Catapult 2Building Requirements

  • Workshop level 2
  • Smithy level 12
  • Research catapults


You should aim to have about 50-100 catapults for every 500 points above 1000 at a minimum. They do move slowly, and are expensive to build, but they are worth it.

Similar to Rams, the catapults can be very useful in early stages of building, farming, and sometimes attacking. However, unlike the Rams they are almost always a defensive unit, as they are used mostly for defense of established farms and villages, but will have an offensive benefit in mid and late game.

They provide an excellent deterrent against other players looking for an easy noble; the presence of a catapult likely makes them reconsider an attack due to the high probability of sustaining losses.

  • Of note: if you are in a world with Paladins activated, catapults are extremely strong when paired with the bonfire weapon; their defensive power increases by 100%.

Although catapults are a defensive unit at this stage in the game, do not discount them as an offensive tool as they can be extremely beneficial in attacks. Catapults are particularly helpful for targeted farming attacks, because a catapult decreases their village farm level, thus stopping their production of troops and preventing sustained counter-attacks.  Catapults also prove a formidable and convincing weapon- many players will simply surrender and restart. You can read up on the benefits of Catapulting Farms here.

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