Building Swords

Swords are an important member of your defensive force.  Although they are not the strongest defender, they are certainly the most cost effective, especially early in the game.  In order to build them, you’ll need:

  • Smithy Level 1
  • HQ Level 1
  • Extra steel, as they use a disproportionate amount during generation

If you have a defensive village, you should have about as many swords as you do points, or more.  Most players use a 2:1 ratio of defense to points, along with Cataults, Scouts, and Heavy Cavalry. Thus, if you have 1500 points, you should have AT LEAST 1500 swords and other defenders.

If you have an offensive village, DO NOT neglect your defense.  While a mixed troop base is not recommended, you will want to have some defense to leave behind while your offensive troops are out pillaging and farming.  In this instance, you should have approximately 500 defensive troops for every 1000 points. Keep in mind that this is the minimum amount recommended.  Most players will have more.  Farming doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have a village to come back to, so bear that in mind.

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