Intro- Understanding Beginner’s Protection

Beginner’s Protection is the period of time during start up when you cannot be attacked- this allows you enough time to have a fighting chance (pun intended) at protecting yourself. The time allotted depends on the world- check yours, or your countdown on the opening screen, to know how much time you’ll have.

Using Beginner’s Protection wisely can decide the course of the rest of your play.  You need resources more than anything else- focus on upgrading them, along with your warehouse, so that you can maximize the protected hours. Timber runs out the fastest, then clay and lastly iron.

Troops will be your next concern.  For farming, spears are the fastest, cheapest and easiest- so why not go with them at first?  If you get into a tribe while still under beginner protection, ask them for pointers.  Some tribes prefer troops to points, and you’ll want to know how to focus your efforts as early as possible.

Make sure that you have a wall established before your protection runs out- often, it is the first defensive barrier attackers will meet and gives troops in your village a definite defensive edge.

And finally, look around- you need to know where barbarians and farms are located, and any potential invaders.  Be as active as possible during beginner protection, as it’s likely the only guaranteed protection you’ll receive!

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