Barrack Rush

BarracksThe Barracks Rush approach, similar to the other troop rush approaches, is very simple but requires specific upgrades.  They are:

  • Clay or Iron level 1
  • if option 2 statue + paladin
  • Wood or Clay level 1
  • Iron or Wood level 1
  • (Choose either option 1 everywhere or option 2 everywhere. If you have a paladin choose option 2)
  • HQ 2
  • HQ 3
  • Barracks
  • Make spears and begin farming

This strategy is widely known and used, but if you don’t have access to resources and Spears, this is not the approach for you.  Unless you have 5-6 barbarians in your 7×7 I would advise you to not try this strategy.  As with the Extreme Barracks Rush, be wary using the Barracks Rush strategy that you don’t rush too many troops and impede your growth.


Mixed with the rewards of the tutorial it works similar to the standard Barracks strategy and the secure Barracks strategy, and is still usable if you only have 3 or fewer barbs in your 7×7. It works better on short beginner protections. This strategy isn’t common in the whole Tribal wars community but gained a significant amount of popularity after the release of the new update.

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