Advanced Farming Tactics and Clearing

FarmAdvanced farming means finding out more about those around you, mainly how big they are and who/where they farm.  It’s time consuming, but important so that you can plan alliances and attacks accordingly, and also to know where you should focus your farming efforts.  Pay attention to the following:

  • The points table in the “Help” section will show which player built which building. By paying attention to upgrades and comparing those upgrades to building strategies, you can determine the availability of resources and whether that village would be good for farming.
  • You can also calculate the resources left on a barbarian and mine level by checking your hauls against the mine incomes for each level of mines.

Besides the above action items, be sure to also consider the following:

  • Before adding a new farm to your routine, you should already have farming runs going back and forth from each of your farms constantly, especially if you are really active.
  • Protect your troops and avoid risky behavior, since each troop you have is a part of your income.
  • Pay attentions to the growth in your area. High ODD score also can indicate a player has defended himself already and has fewer troops to defend his village. The same goes for high ODA, he may have lost offense troops in attacks; but be aware that very often, high ODA can indicate how active is a player, and even a few offensive troops are a formidable foe.

Some more passive tactics can also help you determine the advanced farming technique that is appropriate for your world:

  • Awards can also give insight to the player. ASCII art, and revealing personal and tribal information, is typical behavior from less experienced players.
  • Some players are also prone to revealing personal information in conversation, so don’t be afraid to use social skills to your advantage. But beware of revealing information about yourself in these conversations- it works both ways.
  • Figure out when your neighbors are active by mailing them, and pay attention to response times and read times.


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