24h 7d

24-724/7 is a strategy that keeps your Stable, Barracks, and HQ, in that order, upgrading and producing around the clock. The order is very important.

Why the Stable first?  Because the troops it produces take the longest to create, so keeping it queued is hugely beneficial when you aren’t online.  The Barracks produces more quickly, but the troops it makes aren’t as strong thus making it of secondary importance.  And finally, the HQ controls the buildings in your village, so you need it to constantly work to construct new buildings and upgrade existing ones.

There are a lot of approaches to this strategy, but most recruit light cavalry (for example scouts, mounted archers and heavy cavalry) in the Stable first, then your axes, spears, swords and archers in your Barracks secondly and then other buildings in your Headquarters.

You still have to keep building your farms and your warehouse while doing this. Experienced players will upgrade their HQ only once they have a good supply of light cavalry and axes in queue, as we outlined above.  The HQ should be upgraded to level 20, but the top players usually upgrade to between level 23 and level 27, so that they can create new buildings faster.

After troops are queued and the HQ updated appropriately, then you can shoft your focus to upgrading the Barracks and Stable to create more advanced and powerful defensive and offensive weaponry. 

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